I'm not a food writer, or a chef, or a botanist. I don't even know when I became comfortable calling myself a forager, but since everybody seems to associate me with countryside bimbles and foraging baskets, and since this is obviously a huge part of "me," it's a title that seems to fit.

I think I should fess up at this point and say that you won't find any unique gems in this blog. I'm not an inventor of great and unusual recipes. I forage food and I forage ways to use that food. This blog is really just a compilation of all the interesting recipes I've found and tried over the years. There is to be a hodgepodge of the pure, the traditional, the modern and the alcoholic within it. Anyway, I'm sure it'll evolve in its own special way given time.

I've had many people ridicule my enthusiasm for foraging, "I don't get it!" "Go to Tesco's, love - it's quicker." I could enter into impassioned dialogue in defence of my hobby and I did used to do just that, but until they've experienced a foraged meal, or better still identified and collected their own wild ingredients, they probably still won't, "get it!" Yes, I admit they do have a point - but, do you know what, so do I!